differentially expressed

Welcome to the home of a collection of stuff bioinformatics-related.

Ok, so stuff is pretty general. A big part of what I do involves the statistical analysis of biological data, and lots of it. I use various tools and methods for the analysis of different types of next-generation sequencing (NGS) data.  I like to think of it as data investigation, because more often than not it’s about figuring out what went wrong. The other major aspect of my day-to day life and what I really enjoy doing is teaching bioinformatics. The goal of my teaching, which is agnostic to the actual content being taugh, is reinforcing to people the concept of using best practices to ensure reproducibility. You’ll find this is a major theme for me when I talk about anything bioinformatics.

This website as a work-in-progress (for real now, not like the past three years) and welcome any comments, suggestions and questions via email or blog post.